A Technical Analysis Course

Learn How to Capture High Reward Trades, Avoid Traps, Plan And Analyse Like A Pro In A Simple Manner In Just 4 Weeks📈

A self paced course to learn complex and difficult concepts of technical analysis in a simple step-by-step manner to become master of technical analysis in just 4 weeks

More than 1300+ traders have already started trading successfully because of  The Art Of  Technical Analysis Course.

If you’re stressed out, losing money and tired of trying all types of trading strategy and still don’t know why you aren’t becoming profitable!

Then hear me out!

Hi I’m Sahil Aswani a Trader and Monk who has been trading from

the last 6+ years and has blown multiple trading accounts, failed many funding challenges and went into so much debt for 2 years.

After going through the 6+ years of trading journey I can tell you that no one can teach you better than me “WHAT NOT TO DO” and “WHAT TO DO” because I’m someone who has gone through so much struggle in my journey, tried all type of trading styles, trading strategies, trading concepts, blown multiple trading accounts and failed many funding challenges and finally becoming a profitable funded trader in 4th year of my trading journey.

I have seen many trader who are learning technical analysis
like chart patterns, supply demand, smart money concept etc.. will never learn when it work and when it not, they just learn about it and no one ever teaches them when it fails and how you can avoid that by using it in a different manner along with some other  onfirmations.

And that’s where I’m also gonna help you out by teaching you the right way of using all the concepts which are in technical analysis: how they work, when they work and when they not

Also will give you the strategy which I use to capture High Reward Trades, Avoid Traps and Analyze like a pro!

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But how do you analyse and find setups which give you high rewards and consistent results without getting trapped in fake confirmations?

Does any of these sounds familiar?:

I don’t know why I get trapped in fake breakouts and fake confirmations…
I’m not sure what’s wrong I’m doing while analysing charts, taking trades and what type of confirmations I should look for before taking any trade.


I feel confused while analysing the trend of market and deciding the direction of my trades…
I don’t know how to analyse the trend and phases of market to decide the direction of my trades before taking any trade.


I don’t know how to capture big moves in market to achieve bigger profits…
I’m not able to capture trades more than 1:2 or 1:3 risk reward, I want to learn how to capture bigger moves like 1:5 or 1:8 trades to keep my profits bigger and losses very small.


Whenever I take trade market hits my stoploss and then give target…
I don’t know how to handle this situation and where to keep my stop loss and target so that I won’t get trapped in this situation again.


I don’t know which level or area market will respect and from which level big players are entering…
I’m not able to figure out why my levels and areas fail, I want to learn from which level big players are entering and how to identify best possible areas and levels to take trades.

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4.8 based on 118 reviews

What Makes The Art Of  Technical Analysis Course Different?


Learn in simplified manner

Now learn most advanced and complex concepts of technical analysis in a simplified manner and take your trading to the next level.


Step-by-step training

Learn to analyse, plan & execute your trades with step-by-step simple process.


High risk to reward ratio

Trade with minimum 1:4 risk to reward every time and keep your losses small and profits big all the time.


Live trading case studies

Watch me analysing, planning and executing my trades by using the step-by-step process taught in course and see how I’m making big profits and small losses.

Course Curriculum

Learn Beginner To Advance Technical Analysis with 30+ Video Lessons


4.8 based on 118 reviews


Trading Journal

₹1499 Free


1 Hour Trading Psychology Session

₹4,999 Free


The course will give you clear, actionable steps that will:

With the art of  technical analysis course you’ll be able to dril down into every aspect trading, after this course you will shortcurve your learning atleast 2 years because this course is designed after 5+ years of experience and understanding of what works in market and what not, which covers everything you need to become a effective and successful trader.

And finally this course will also give you access to step-by-step checklist which will make your trading process easy and simple, after learning and practicing just apply the steps given in checklist along with right mindset and emotional stability you will be able to start generating consistent results.


4.8 based on 118 reviews


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Get Certified

Yes! You will be certified for this course once you completed course.


The course will give you clear, actionable steps that will:


4.8 based on 118 reviews

Got some remaining questions?

That’s completely normal. 😃

I have already put together a list of common questions and answers that will help you get started.

Still if you have any question, you can whatsapp us!

No it’s a pre recorded course.

This course covers both languages, Hindi & English.

You will get access of course for 30 days.

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4.8 based on 118 reviews

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