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Become A Calm, Consistent And Confident Trader By Removing The Guess Work With The Rule Based Trading Approach In Just 4 Weeks

Get INSTANT access to the training to learn all the steps needed to trade successfully in a structured Step-By-Step approach that is Easy To Master!

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Best Trading Program of all time to give you a complete trading success blueprint in a rule based approach to become a calm, consistent and confident trader.

If you are losing money, hesitating, fear taking a loss and are just constantly stressed with trading!

Then hear me out!

I’m Sahil Aswani the founder of Monk Trading Lab with over 6 years of experience in trading.

And in my entire journey till now, this one thing took me from a Losing trader to a consistent Profitable trader, and that’s having a Rule Based Trading System for my entire trading process of planning, strategy, live trading, risk management and psychology.

But why Rule Based Trading?

Rule Based Trading means having the repetitive systems, processes and frameworks in place to consistently execute without any second guessing. In Rule Based Trading there is nothing like thinking of what to do and what not? Everything is pre-defined completely from A to Z, You just have to execute it on a daily basis and start getting consistent results every month!

With my course you will finally become a calm, consistent and confident trader who knows what to do and when to do it without constantly second guessing yourself!

By joining up my Rule Based Trading Program you will gain exclusive access to my personal strategies that I trade to get consistent results in a simplified systematic rule based approach.

In this course I have given full breakdowns on how and why each works and how you can apply them in a simplified systematic way on a daily basis.

And because the mind you are arrived in trading is not the mind which works in trading, this course is not just about how to plan and trade but it is also about how to “THINK” in this course. You will gain access to mental modules and techniques to be able to act, trade and think like a professional trader to make quick fire decisions without any hesitation.

“ You will learn to remove all the struggles, frustration, fear you are constantly in and finally become a calm, consistent and confident trader by using my Rule-Based approach that helps me trade in a simple and systematic way consistently.

These are 4 essential aspects that we will work on to make you a calm, confident and consistent trader:

✅ Strategy
✅ Mindset
✅ Risk management
✅ Psychology

Without one of these you will never find success in trading because these are the foundation on which a system works!

In this course I will also go in great detail on how to have the right mindset in trading which actually works and how to uncover your beliefs which are subconsciously holding you
back with the help of mental modules which will give you actual systems and techniques to identify and work on them.

And with risk management also will into great detail about how to maximize trade returns, trailing stop loss, understanding the game of numbers by thinking in probabilities and learn to treat trading like a business.

This course isn’t just about teaching you the strategies, but this course is all about the overall development of a trader.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Then this course is for you!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Learn The Secret Of Successful Trading With The Rule Based Trading Program With Over 40+ Videos

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Rule Based 1M Entry Model

Rule based intraday entry model

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100% Money-Back Guarantee!


4.8 based on 118 reviews


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Our motive is to help you to learn how to trade profitably. If in the next 3 months by applying our system if you don’t get results, will give you 100% money back

Make sure you have the data and analysis of trades which you take for applying the refund!

To get refund, please mail us at support@monktradinglab.com

Got some remaining questions?

That’s completely normal. 😃

I have already put together a list of common questions and answers that will help you get started.

Still if you have any question, you can whatsapp us!

You will receive access through mail, so please check you mail. In case you haven’t received any mail, please whatsapp us at 6266009052.

Yes 10 Live Doubt sessions are included if you purchase premium plan.

This course is in English.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee!


4.8 based on 118 reviews

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