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Amazing mentorship Program. Got to learn a lot from my mentor Sahil. This mentorship program helped me excel my technical skills and the psychology it takes to become a successful trader. As they say becoming a successful trader is a journey and it becomes way more effective when you have an excellent Mentor to guide you.

– Fardeen Haque


5 star rating on trustpilot

If you are losing money, hesitating, fear taking a loss and are just constantly stressed with trading!

Then hear me out!

I’m Sahil Aswani the founder of Trade With Sahil Academy with over 6 years of experience in trading.

And with years of experience I have understood this one thing very clearly that most traders fail not because they don’t have a good strategy, they fail because they don’t have proper frameworks and systems in place to deal with all kinds of technical and emotional situations which are created by various market conditions.

That’s why I designed this program where I’ll show you exactly how you can become a monk of trading by using my rule-based approach that helps me trade in a simple and systematic way consistently.

In this program I’ll reveal my trading success blueprint which will show you exactly how to:

checkmark Deal with confusing market conditions
checkmark Identify high probability setups
checkmark Bring emotional stability
checkmark Achieve higher risk to reward ratio

And a lot more!!…

This program isn’t just about teaching you the strategies, but this program is all about overall development of a trader where you will get access to my rule based simple and effective strategies with powerful tools to bring emotional stability and build habits of a successful trader.

I’ve built the program after years of struggle, experience and mistakes which will give you the proven blueprint of becoming a consistent and profitable trader

and help you generate consistent income on a monthly basis

In the program you’ll learn how to:

Master super advance technical analysis methods and strategies, regardless of your previous experience in a simplified manner

Use our trading emotion tracker to identify your emotional triggers and impulsive actions to master psychology

Build habits of a professional trader which will lead you to success

Bring the emotional and mental stability like a monk to become pro in trading psychology

Trade different sessions of forex market like Asian range, Newyork session & London session

Plan your trades with high probability setups without entering into random trades

Avoid market when market condition is choppy and figure out high probability setups

Identify your trading psychology weaknesses and improve them by taking corrective action

Profitable trading is your future. Guaranteed

Sahil sir is the best mentor. Concepts covered in the course are very useful and easily applicable in live markets. After completion of the course, I got confidence in my trading. The course is not expensive at all. I will definitely recommend this course to friends who are interested to learn trading.

– Sahil Aswani


5 star rating on trustpilot

What will you get in Monk Trading Program


Advance concepts & course

In This course we will cover Beginner to Professional level information to get you on
the right path to becoming a successful and a consistently profitable Trader. On top
of all the material thought we will be giving you our personal tricks, techniques and
views on the market that have tremendously fast-tracked our success.

Value: ₹19,999


10+ live doubt sessions

Never feel alone in your quest for trading education. You will interact with me and receive guidance specific to your situation.

Value: ₹10,999


Discord community access for lifetime

Be a part of a community of passionate market traders & investors. Discussion within the community is what binds us together, especially during difficult market times.Learn how others approach training and growth, how they apply the knowledge to their own personal trading and how they overcome the different obstacles faced throughout their pursuit of trading education

Value: ₹4,999


Mentor assistance for 6 months on whatsapp

I will be right beside you throughout your trading journey. When you fall, I will pick you back up. When you succeed, I will push you harder to achieve bigger success. When you want to get a second opinion on a trade, I will be there to give you my thoughts. Your success is my ultimate goal.

Value: ₹15,999


Weekly case studies

New case study video is added to your libraries every week so you are never out of
fresh content.

Value: ₹4,999


Trading emotions tracker (Trading Journal)

In order to consistently grow as a trader you must have something to measure your progress and keep you on track.After talking with thousands of struggling traders this year. I created a Trading Emotions Tracker. It is a tool that allows you to document every single trade and action you take within your trading account. And i want to provide you as a bonus to expedite your journey

Value: ₹4,999


Trade analysis by mentor for 6 months

ACCESS TO MY PERSONAL DAILY TRADES!!! The same trades I take to fund my lifestyle.My daily trades go way beyond just telling you which trade i took,but also a unique tactic I use to enter the market at a BETTER price than where it currently is.. Plus my “Biggest Loser” methodology that puts my account in the black.

Value: ₹12,999

Having said that, this course is NOT for you if:

You don’t want to put in some effort up front so you can reap the rewards longer term – DO NOT JOIN.

If you think you’ll be doubling your money every 2 weeks – DO NOT JOIN.

If you have no intention of wanting to become a good trader – DO NOT JOIN.

If you are the sort of person who has a tendency to change trading systems all of the time – DO NOT JOIN.


5 star rating on trustpilot


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Monk Trading Program



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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t see value in the program and do not gain positive results by following our policy rules then we will refund you – no questions asked!!

If you put forth the effort to learn and apply the amazing material inside of this course, we are so confident that we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Trade With Sahil Academy is one of the only online Forex Training Program that offer a 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE.

But, this guarantee is not for people who want to “try out” the training course. We have a very strict refund policy that you must follow in order to apply for a refund. Just so there is no confusion, this refund policy only covers your purchase price if you in fact complete the course material and follow the instructions exactly. And, you must have hard proof of doing this. Here is a screenshot of our full refund policy so that there is absolutely ZERO confusion.

To get refund, please mail us at

Satisfied Customers❤️


5 star rating on trustpilot

Got some remaining questions?

That’s completely normal. 😃

I have already put together a list of common questions and answers that will help you get started.

Still if you have any question, you can whatsapp us!

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Please  whatsApp  us at 6266009052 to get help related to your query.

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5 star rating on trustpilot

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